The Atlantean Chronicles

Episode 2: Raider's Camp

To Raid the Raiders

It looked like it would be touch and go for a while, but the healers that Governor Nighthill had standing by were able to stabilize Yasdruc fairly quickly after the fight had ended. Once stabilized, the Governor had provided a couple of Potions of Healing to help speed his recovery.

It was not long before the sun would rise over the smoking remains of the once quiet farming community. Not long after our heroes are tended too, they are approached by Governor Nighthill.

A raiding party of this size, must have a base of operations somewhere in the vicinity. He would like the heroes to track the raiders to find their base of operations. This is just a scouting mission, they are not to engage, just find out where they are hiding. Once the heroes learn of the camp, they should return to Greenest. The Governor will do his best to warn the surrounding communities and raise whatever men-at-arms are available to then assult their camp.

The players, though weary and wounded, agree to the task and promptly set out to follow the raiders trail into the grasslands to the south. As they are leaving Greenest, they are approached by several monks of the Yellow Rose. Their leader, a half-elf by the name of Leosin Erlanthar, was believed captured during the raid. The monks would like the players to keep a special eye out for any captives that might meet his description.

The trail is wide and easy to follow and for most of the morning the players have no trouble following as the grasslands slowly rise into the badlands beyond. They eventually encounter a small group of human and kobold raiders who had fallen behind and stopped to make camp. The players are able to easily surprise these raiders and make swift work of bringing them to justice.

Several hours later, as the trail becomes harder to follow and the path rises into the canyons, the party encounters a well fortified rear-guard. A hard-fought, uphill battle is eventually won though not without difficulty. They must be getting close to the bandit camp.


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