The Atlantean Chronicles

Episode 3: Elturel And Beyond

On the Road, Part 1

After a successful raid on the caves of the cultist dragon hatchery, our heroes return to Greenest to find that Leosin Erlanthar and his delegation of monks has already departed for the distant city of Elturel.

Leosin left so that he might report to his superiors and inform them of what has occurred in Greenest and beyond, but he has arranged for the party to be outfitted with horses and ponies for the trip to Elturel. It should take them 6 or 7 days to ride to Elturel and join him there. Once there, they are to seek out a man named Ontharr Frume.

The heroes immediately leave Greenest and strike out north after Leosin. After an uneventful journey across pastoral grasslands dotted with small farms and homesteads, the party begins to descend into the Chionthar River valley and into the nation of Elturgard.

The heroes are immediately aware that a second sun like object hangs stationary in the air over the distant city of Elturel, capital of Elturgard and their current destination. This second son, known as “The Companion” was believed to be a holy blessing, a gift of the god Torm. It’s radiant light driving out the darkness and proving deadly to undead and other fiends. The holy light was visible from just about everywhere within the borders of Elturgard.

Upon entering Elturel, the party follows their instructions and make haste for the inn known as “A Pair of Black Antlers.” The Inn is known to be the headquarters of the Order of teh Gauntlet and it is here that they find both Leosin and his burley friend Ontharr Frume.

Introductions are made and information is exchanged. The players fill their contacts in with the details of the raid on the dragon hatchery and that they have discovered the plans of the Cult of the Dragon to transport all of the stolen treasure to Balder’s Gate for caravans north to an unknown destination.


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