The Atlantean Chronicles

Episode 5: Waterdeep and Beyond

On the Road, Part 3

“To Arms! To Arms! We are under attack!”
The call rang out and echoed down the length of the caravan as armed guards moved to intercept the danger. In this case, a band of ogre’s approaching thru the brush to the east of the Trade way.
The large, brutish creatures were not known to be very smart but were ravenous and would eat just about anything they could get their hands on. At 5 or 6 adults, a band of the size of the one quickly approaching could mean trouble for many travellers.
Luckily, the caravan with whom our heroes traveled was of sufficient size and had numberous guards in their employ, heroes included, to be able to fight off the ogres without too much damage.
In the end, our heroes themselves easily dispatched 2 of the brutes while the other caravan guards handled the remaining attackers. They emerged from the encounter not much worse for wear, except for the Johnny Autumnglen. The halfing lost his cool and strayed a bit too close to the business end of an ogres club.


Evilrich Evilrich

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