The Atlantean Chronicles

Episode 7: Castle Naerytar

A trudge thru the swamp

Emerging from the dark tunnel into the cool early morning air, the heroes find themselves in a sheltered glade some short distance from the work camp. The sound of muffled voices caught the teams attention as they quickly took cover in the surrounding brush.
Recognizing the harsh tones and growled voices as speaking in Draconic, Wyndon slowly crawled forward thru the brush until he was close enought to make out what was being said. He was able to overhear enough to confirm that they had caught up with the lizardmen moving the contraband from the storeroom in the roadhouse. They were taking it to “the castle” and were bitterly complaining about they way they were being treated by both the dragon cultists and by the frogmen.


Evilrich Evilrich

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