Gemini Tumwater

CG Forest Gnome Druid


Forest Gnome
Druid – Circle of the Moon – 4

DEX 16
CON 10
INT 16
WIS 16
CHA 10


Gemini was an orphaned babe,
He knew his fam’ly not.
A Brownie troop then pity gave,
And raised him from a tot.

Whene’er danger came along,
And tiny Brownies feared,
Mighty Gemini, tall and strong
Protected troop so dear.

Flood or weasel! Turtle power!
Gemini faced them all!
Do’vell Rush’s own Stout Tower,
He never failed the call.

He learned the ways of nature, and
A Druid spell, and more!
Thru Brownie magic, and the land,
The Gnome became a boar!

So Gemini’s head, well, it grew,
As Brownies spread tales tall,
But one among them always knew,
The Gnome was truly small.

His name was Sagittarius,
An imp of some renown.
Among the Brownies of his troop,
Just he had been around.

Old Sage had always led the clan,
(Had a yen for mischief!)
So, like he does, he hatched a plan,
To give the Gnome some grief.

“Go!” he said to Gem one day,
“You are a hero born!
’Twould fail the world, should you stay!
Head North into the morn!”

So, filled with pride, our Gnome, he left,
To find his rightful place.
Protect the weak! Their burdens heft!
(A smile found Sage’s face.)

Such is the tale of Gemini,
The Gnome Who Thinks He’s Tall
One day they’ll say, as he strides by,
There goes the Greatest of Them All.

Gemini Tumwater

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