The Atlantean Chronicles

Episode 8: Castle Naerytar (part 2)
Have Fun Storming the Castle!

When last we saw our heroes…

Episode 7: Castle Naerytar
A trudge thru the swamp

Emerging from the dark tunnel into the cool early morning air, the heroes find themselves in a sheltered glade some short distance from the work camp. The sound of muffled voices caught the teams attention as they quickly took cover in the surrounding brush.
Recognizing the harsh tones and growled voices as speaking in Draconic, Wyndon slowly crawled forward thru the brush until he was close enought to make out what was being said. He was able to overhear enough to confirm that they had caught up with the lizardmen moving the contraband from the storeroom in the roadhouse. They were taking it to “the castle” and were bitterly complaining about they way they were being treated by both the dragon cultists and by the frogmen.

Episode 6: Carnath Roadhouse
End of the Road

At last, the caravan has reached it’s destination on the edge of the Mere of Dead Men some 200 miles north of Waterdeep.

Episode 5: Waterdeep and Beyond
On the Road, Part 3

“To Arms! To Arms! We are under attack!”
The call rang out and echoed down the length of the caravan as armed guards moved to intercept the danger. In this case, a band of ogre’s approaching thru the brush to the east of the Trade way.
The large, brutish creatures were not known to be very smart but were ravenous and would eat just about anything they could get their hands on. At 5 or 6 adults, a band of the size of the one quickly approaching could mean trouble for many travellers.
Luckily, the caravan with whom our heroes traveled was of sufficient size and had numberous guards in their employ, heroes included, to be able to fight off the ogres without too much damage.
In the end, our heroes themselves easily dispatched 2 of the brutes while the other caravan guards handled the remaining attackers. They emerged from the encounter not much worse for wear, except for the Johnny Autumnglen. The halfing lost his cool and strayed a bit too close to the business end of an ogres club.

Episode 4: The Road To Waterdeep
On the Road, Part 2

After several weeks in Baldur’s Gate, quietly following around the various known cultists and trying to determine their plans, our heroes eventually join a caravan of merchants for the rong trip north along the Trade Way to distant Waterdeep.

The players have discovered that the cultists are hiding as merchants and moving their secret cargo hidden in their various wagons for the trip north. After reporting their findings to their contact in the city, a merchant named Ackyn Selebon, the players then split up and manage to find jobs among the remaining caravan merchants headed north.

Episode 3: Elturel And Beyond
On the Road, Part 1

After a successful raid on the caves of the cultist dragon hatchery, our heroes return to Greenest to find that Leosin Erlanthar and his delegation of monks has already departed for the distant city of Elturel.

Leosin left so that he might report to his superiors and inform them of what has occurred in Greenest and beyond, but he has arranged for the party to be outfitted with horses and ponies for the trip to Elturel. It should take them 6 or 7 days to ride to Elturel and join him there. Once there, they are to seek out a man named Ontharr Frume.

The heroes immediately leave Greenest and strike out north after Leosin. After an uneventful journey across pastoral grasslands dotted with small farms and homesteads, the party begins to descend into the Chionthar River valley and into the nation of Elturgard.

The heroes are immediately aware that a second sun like object hangs stationary in the air over the distant city of Elturel, capital of Elturgard and their current destination. This second son, known as “The Companion” was believed to be a holy blessing, a gift of the god Torm. It’s radiant light driving out the darkness and proving deadly to undead and other fiends. The holy light was visible from just about everywhere within the borders of Elturgard.

Upon entering Elturel, the party follows their instructions and make haste for the inn known as “A Pair of Black Antlers.” The Inn is known to be the headquarters of the Order of teh Gauntlet and it is here that they find both Leosin and his burley friend Ontharr Frume.

Introductions are made and information is exchanged. The players fill their contacts in with the details of the raid on the dragon hatchery and that they have discovered the plans of the Cult of the Dragon to transport all of the stolen treasure to Balder’s Gate for caravans north to an unknown destination.

Episode 2: Raider's Camp
To Raid the Raiders

It looked like it would be touch and go for a while, but the healers that Governor Nighthill had standing by were able to stabilize Yasdruc fairly quickly after the fight had ended. Once stabilized, the Governor had provided a couple of Potions of Healing to help speed his recovery.

It was not long before the sun would rise over the smoking remains of the once quiet farming community. Not long after our heroes are tended too, they are approached by Governor Nighthill.

A raiding party of this size, must have a base of operations somewhere in the vicinity. He would like the heroes to track the raiders to find their base of operations. This is just a scouting mission, they are not to engage, just find out where they are hiding. Once the heroes learn of the camp, they should return to Greenest. The Governor will do his best to warn the surrounding communities and raise whatever men-at-arms are available to then assult their camp.

The players, though weary and wounded, agree to the task and promptly set out to follow the raiders trail into the grasslands to the south. As they are leaving Greenest, they are approached by several monks of the Yellow Rose. Their leader, a half-elf by the name of Leosin Erlanthar, was believed captured during the raid. The monks would like the players to keep a special eye out for any captives that might meet his description.

The trail is wide and easy to follow and for most of the morning the players have no trouble following as the grasslands slowly rise into the badlands beyond. They eventually encounter a small group of human and kobold raiders who had fallen behind and stopped to make camp. The players are able to easily surprise these raiders and make swift work of bringing them to justice.

Several hours later, as the trail becomes harder to follow and the path rises into the canyons, the party encounters a well fortified rear-guard. A hard-fought, uphill battle is eventually won though not without difficulty. They must be getting close to the bandit camp.

Episode 1: Greenest in Flames
Let's Start at the Beginning

The first gathering of our new heroes happens in the besieged town of Greenest, a small farming community among the rolling hills and fields of the Sword Coast greenlands.

Strangers travelling by caravan, our group of heroes were merely weary travelers looking forward to a warm meal and dry place to sleep when they approached the town at dusk. Confusion overcame the travelers, for as they approached, the sounds of battle could be heard and the town was a glow in firelight. Shadows and smoke played across the valley as a scene of carnage developed before the travelers.

Raiders chased the villagers from their homes, setting them alight and cutting down those brave enough to resist. Immediately in front of our heroes ran a wounded man dragging several small children while a woman clutching a broken spear and shield did her best to keep their attackers at bay. As a group of snarling kobolds spread out around her, she cast a frightened look at the heroes and begged “help us won’t you? They are killing us all!”

Unable to allow innocents to be cut down and slaughtered, this ragtag band of strangers leap into action. They drew their weapons and immediately came to the aid of the woman and her family, fighting off the kobolds, allowing the villagers to flee to the relative safety of the local lord’s tower. As they made their way to the tower at the center of the village, they were able to successfully protect a dozen more villagers from harm, helping them all safely reach the keep.

Once there our new heroes quickly introduced themselves before meeting with the town’s leaders, Governor Tarbaw Nighthill and the master of the tower, Castellan Escobert the Red. At their urging, the heroes would make several sorties from the tower to rescue villagers and drive off raiders. Their biggest victory of the evening came when the heroes were able to sneak out of the tower by an old escape tunnel and make their way to the village temple. Trapped inside the temple were dozens of villagers who had gathered there for safety. Unfortunately, the raiders had surrounded the temple and were threatening burn it down. The heroes were able to sneak thru the raiders lines, enter the temple and help all the villagers escape back to the tower.

As the night and the raid wore on, the raiders eventually surrounded the tower. A large reptilian warrior stepped forward and issued a challenge to the defenders. On display behind him were several villagers who had been taken captive. The warrior demanded that a village champion meet him in single combat or he would kill the captives one at a time. One of the defenders in the tower, Sergeant Markguth, recognizes his sister and children as the warrior’s captives and rushes to challenge him but is restrained by Escobert the Red and several other guardmen. It is then that Governor Nighthill approaches the heroes and asks if one of their number would step forward and answer this warrior’s challenge.

After a moment’s hesitation, the heroes begin to look around at one another when the dwarf among them, Yasdruc Grumblehorn hefts his axe and says “aye, I will fight the big beastie.”

Yasdruc, the rest of the heroes and several guardsmen leave the tower and approach the warrior waiting for them. As they approach the warrior, they can see him clearly for the first time. Standing nearly seven feet tall, covered in fine blue scales with bright yellow reptilian eyes, the warrior is clad in fine scale armor and hoisting a large two-handed blade. He is an imposing sight.

The warrior introduces himself as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath. He is pleased that a defender has answered his challenge and immediately releases the children held captive as a sign of goodwill. He then promises that the woman will also come to no harm, unless anyone interferes in the challenge.

With that, the single combat begins. Cyanwrath and Yasdruc circle each other for a moment, looking for weaknesses before the large half-dragon lunges straight towards the dwarf. Aided by some skill in the arcane arts, the dwarf manages to keep the half-dragon at bay for several minutes, giving as good as he gets. Yet eventually though, he tires and Cyanwrath moves in for the kill, easily turning the dwarves weary axe aside and plunging his blade deep into his flesh. He lingers for a moment, watching the life drain from Yasdruc’s pale face before dropping the dwarf, turning and striding away. As the dwarf lay in the dirt, life seeping from his broken body, the last thing he sees is the raiders releasing the prisoners and fading into the night.


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